Monday,  September 27,  2021


  1. Today is a B  Day.

  2. Late Bus @5:45.

  3. A representative from Simpson College will be here to meet with interested students at 2:30 today..  If you would like to meet with them please come to the high school office for a pass. 

  4. Senior parents should be receiving an email with information about FASFA.  I had several emails come back to me.  Please check your email on PowerSchool to make sure it is correct.  If you did not receive the email, please contact Christy in the office.

  5. There will be a meeting in Ms. Coffin’s room during Dens for all Seniors in Spanish Club.

  6. All Volleyball Jacket orders are due by Friday.  Payment is due at that time.

  7. JV Football at Columbus today starting at 6 p.m.  

  8. Today is Midterm.


  1. A reminder to ALL MUST sign in and out at the office if you are late or leaving early during the day.  The office must have written permission or a phone call from the parent or guardian or the student will not be allowed to leave.  Students need to talk to Christy before checking out.

  2. Students are no longer allowed to go out to their cars during the day.  Please make sure you are bringing everything in with you in the morning including PE clothes, chargers, lunch, etc.

  3. Just a reminder...please do not park in the reserved parking spots in the middle rows of the parking lot.  Not all of the spots are painted but they are still reserved.  There are 18 spots in  the front row that are reserved.  Check in the Main office if you have any questions.

Menu for Today: Mandarin Orange Chicken (3-12), Cooked Carrots, Green Pepper Slices, Fried Rice, Churro & Milk

Menu for tomorrow: Beef nachos, carrots w/Ranch, salsa cup, mandarin oranges, cinnamon apples, Chex Mix.