sotm nov

Congratulations to the following students for being named the Pekin November Students of the 

Pictured left to right - Lillian Buie, Audrey Fariss, Chloe Glosser, Cole Millikin, and Zack Wise
Not Pictured - Graci Coble, Mackenzie Dahlstrom, and Lily Zephier

Lilian Buie -Lilian is always respectful both to her teachers and classmates. She shows a great work ethic and leadership qualities, like listening to others, being open minded, and standing up for what she believes in. Lilian is someone who has a talented voice and she knows how and when to use it to help others and make them feel appreciated.

Graci Coble: Graci has shown a great work ethic this year and has been a positive contributor in class. She is respectful to her peers and teachers and strives to do her best in everything that she does. She also comes to class with a positive attitude and is willing to do what is asked of her. 

Makenzie was nominated for being a positive and responsible student who supports and helps her fellow classmates and staff members at Pekin. 

She is always willing to lend a helping hand and demonstrates our PRIDE characteristics inside and outside of the classroom on a daily basis.

Audrey Fariss - Work is always on time      Sets a good example for other students     Helps classmates who need help   Pleasant     Enjoyable to have in class     Always positive        Great attitude       

Lily stepped up and worked hard on a group project. She participated with her group and did her portion of the slideshow. Lily did an amazing job presenting in front of her class. We are so proud of her.

Chloe Glosser - Chloe is always a leader in the classroom, helping her peers and going the extra mile and always with kindness.  She is an example to her peers and is always willing to encourage them and help them when they need it. 

Zack Wise: Zack has shown true dedication and leadership through his role as Buddy the Elf in “Elf the Musical”. He motivated others with encouragement and expected high standards from others as well as himself.

Cole Millikin  Cole comes to class prepared, he is an active listener and he never complains.  He participates in all games and encourages others to do their best.  Congratulations Cole!!